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Rights and Scran

This section explains your rights when using Scran resources.


Scran materials are copyright. They belong to those listed in the database. The system design, interface and the database are copyright Scran.  We can allow you to use materials because we have negotiated rights from the owners. There are things you can do and things you cannot do based on those rights.

If you are an unlicensed user, you have limited rights. If you are a licensed user, you have more rights because you have entered an agreement with Scran. This is a summary to help you understand these terms.

Using the Free Service

If you do not have a password or if the Scran system only allows you to see small thumbnail images, you are using the free service.

You are free to:

  • Search the whole Scran Database
  • View thumbnail sized images only
  • Download these images for private, personal, educational use

You may not:

  • Distribute these resources to anyone else in paper or electronic form - eg printouts, emails, web sites, CD or DVD ROMs or in presentations
  • Make any money from these resources

Using the Licensed Subscription Service

If you have a password, can login to Scran or if the Scran system allows you to see full screen sized images, you are using the licensed subscription service. You have these rights as long as you or your institution is licensed.

You are free to:

  • Search the whole Scran database
  • View any size of image
  • Use all the tools
  • Share resources with other licensed users using Albums or My Stuff
  • Download images for any educational use in your institution.
  • Store material on your hard-disk
  • Put material on an intranet which is available only to your institution
  • Put material on a CD-ROM which is available only in your institution
  • Use images in presentations which you will give including Powerpoint
  • Give printouts out
  • Make worksheets and electronic resources for use in your institution
  • Use material in theses
  • [For schools, libraries, colleges and universities only] put thumbnails only on a not-for-profit public facing website or not-for-profit publicly issued CD-ROM providing you check first with Scran and make appropriate accreditation [see below]
  • [For schools] use images for enterprise projects following royalty negotiation with Scran as part of the task and accrediting appropriately

You may not:

  • Distribute these resources to any unlicensed user in paper or electronic form - eg printouts, emails, web sites, CD or DVD ROMs or in electronic or paper presentations
  • Make any money from these resources


Accredit your use of images for paper or electronic use. The proper form is:

© Name of owner / licensed via www.scran.ac.uk

The name of the owner is listed in each Scran record. If you are using full resources on an intranet or thumbnails on an internet site, provide a link back to Scran.

Commercial Use / Additional Help

Scran is happy to help with any query on the use of resources. We can grant commercial use in most cases subject to a royalty payment - part of which is returned to the rights owner. We also hold full quality print resources - coffee table book quality - on most resources. Remember it is best to be sure and it only takes a phone call or email.

Phone: +44 (0)131 662 1211 Fax: +44 (0)131 662 1511

Email: pix@scran.ac.uk

Copies of Sample Licences

Personal Home

Terms in Form similar to "Commons" Licensing for Education

You are free:

  • to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work in any licensed institution.
  • to make derivative works in any licensed institution

Under the following conditions:

Attribution: You must give the original author and Scran credit.

Noncommercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

Public Distribution: You may not make any resource publically available.


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