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Search Results Page Help

What is it?

The Search Results Page displays all the items on Scran which match the search terms you entered.

Where will I find it?

You will see the Search Results Page any time you perform a search which returns more than one result or choose to view a Project.

How do I use it?

The search results page displays the records which match your search like this:

To see any item in more detail (Record View), click on a thumbnail.

At the top right of the Results Page you can use the pull-down menu to choose how many results you see in a page. Be aware that if you choose a large number of results per page the page may take a long time to load on slower internet connections.

If you can see numbers like this at the top and bottom of the page your search has returned more than one page of results. Click on the numbers to see further pages of results.

Clicking on the Store search link at the top right of the page allows you to quickly store the search in My Stuff.

There are several different kinds of record on Scran, each with a different thumbnail. The various thumbnails are explained below:


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