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About My Stuff


  • My Stuff is your own personal area of the site where you can store Albums, records, searches, PDFs you have created and more.
  • Register for Personal Stuff to store things: you need to choose your own brand new user name and password (more) if you want to store things. Choose the appropriate box above to register or log in to My Stuff.

  • View Institutional Stuff without a password: Institutional Stuff (more) contains items which have been stored for you by your instution/household editor.
  • My Stuff has opened in a new window of its own and will stay there. You have one window for browsing/searching the site and one window for your Stuff. Minimise the My Stuff window at any time to see the main Scran window (more).
  • nb Albums is now part of My Stuff. You can still use Albums to store, organise, edit and share collections of records, making it a useful tool for authoring e-Learning resources (more).
  • For more help and information visit My Stuff Help in the Scran Help Centre.