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Help: Pathfinder Packs

What are they?

Pathfinder Packs are collections of Scran records specially selected to illustrate a particular topic. Many have informative text and/or accompanying teaching/learning resources attached.

They can provide a useful introduction to a topic, a ready made collection of images and information, or just a quick way to dip into Scran's vast library of resources.

Where can I find them?

If you can't see a link to Pathfinder Packs anywhere on the page, use the navigation menu on the left side of your page to select Resources then Pathfinder Packs.


Choose a theme by clicking on one of the icons (or choose All), then choose a topic, again by clicking on one of the icons.  nb.  It is also possible to search the Pathfinder Packs using the box at the top of this page.


You will be presented with table listing alphabetically the Pathfinder Packs belonging to the topic you have chosen. At the left hand side of the table you will find information about the contents of each Pack.  Packs marked underneath the camera symbol contain images (or other media files); packs marked under the book symbol also contain text; and those marked under the mortar board symbol contain accompanying teaching/learning resources.


You can use the back button on your browser to go back up a level at anytime.


How do I use them?

Here is an example of how a Pathfinder Pack might appear.  Image thumbnails are displayed down the right hand side with text (if present) down the left.  Any teaching/learning resources will be displayed near the top in a box marked Accompanying Resources.


Clicking on the thumbnail images will take you to the Record View of that image or file (the Record View shows a larger version of the image along with the caption and catalogue information). From there you can click again on the image to see the Full View of the record (the Full View shows the largest size of image available on the website).


As with all thumbnail images on Scran you can also click the links under any image to:

Open - open the Record View
Create - create a poster, worksheet or other resource from the image
Album - add the image to an Album in your My Stuff
Stuff - store the individual image in My Stuff

Look out for links at the top and bottom of the Pack to convert it to an Album or export it's contents as a mini-website. You may also find links at the bottom of the Pack to other related Pathfinder Packs.


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