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Search Scran Box Help

Search Scran has recently changed. You will still find the Search Scran box on every page, but we have improved the way it interprets your search terms and displays your results. Read more information below.


Searching the Scran database is still just as easy. The Search Scran box is always visible at the top right corner of the window. Click inside the box, type a word, and click go to perform the search.

The Search Scran box will return results matching all the search terms which you enter. This means if you type Christmas tree, it will look for items which contain the word Christmas and the word tree.

Scran supports Boolean searching, which allows you to use words like OR and NOT to perform complex searches: for a complete list of complex search terms and characters click here.


More Simple Searching Ideas

Having performed a search, you can click on Revise Search to narrow your search by adding or excluding terms.


You can also make use of the Selected Search function. This is found in the right hand column and will appear after you have performed a search.

To use the function, select an area of text on the page; the selected text will appear in the Selected Search text box and you can then click Search to find other records containing that text.



More advanced searching on Scran:


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